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​KGZ Transport has the highest priority is to protect the safety of our employees, customers, and community while ensuring uninterrupted supply chains. In response to CDC’s recommendations to limit the spread of COVID-19, KGZ Transport staff has been working remotely for nearly a week.  

I would like to assure you that by utilizing the most modern IT solutions, KGZ Transport has adapted to this situation without sacrificing efficiency, functionality, and performance. In fact, it is likely that none of you noticed any changes in the service you have received from KGZ Transport this week despite our staff working remotely.


Here are the tools that allow us to operate remotely with 50 tractors/60 trailers and 20 people to support our drivers:

  • OpenRoad TMS – our in-house developed, cloud-based Transportation Management System that allows our team to oversee the entire fleet with up-to-the-second accuracy of location, load status, etc. These cloud-based technologies allow us to not only be more efficient in the office but empower our staff to take their work with them wherever they go as-needed without sacrificing on quality.

  • The newest tracking and telemetry systems – provide us with unique situational awareness and brings us real-time visibility, analytics and AI to operations.

  • The Newest communication and collaboration platform – allows us to effectively organize workplace chat, video meetings, and file storage. All of our staff are equipped with webcams for high-quality communication.

The transportation industry is responsible for the supply chain of food, providing medicine and other essential commodities to the American people. Our staff and drivers have a mission-critical attitude during this challenging time. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your KGZ Transport representative or me directly.


Ted Begmatov

CEO | Founder

KGZ Transport CORP

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